New Hours Beginning September 2018!

Beginning this September, we will be closed on Sundays AND Mondays. Our daily hours will remain the same (9am - 3pm) Tuesday through Saturday.

Photo by  Tim Mossholder  on  Unsplash

As the owner, I've decided to make this schedule change now for several reasons:

- While on vacation, I realized that I need one full day off per week. Being closed for one day never allows for that because there are many things to tend to outside of business hours- shopping for food, ordering supplies, bookkeeping, cleaning, planning and developing new menu items. Even though the shop is closed, Sundays are still full work days for me. After 4 years of working 7 days a week, I am feeling burned out and need one full day per week to recharge.

-These new hours will align with the long-standing tradition in downtown Homewood for small businesses to be closed on Sunday and Monday.

- Mondays are typically slow for us and the reduction in utility use better reflects our efforts to be environmentally friendly.

- By having a full day off each week, I will have more time and creative energy to develop exciting new menu items that are both yummy and healthy.

Labor Day is the perfect time to make this change; it's origin as a federal holiday in 1894 was to give the laboring class a day to rest and honor their (our) hard work.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! I hope you get an extra day to rest and recharge.